Perfect Corp. Wins 2019 Beauty Innovation Awards

Annual awards program recognizes top companies, services and products within the global beauty industry.

Perfect Corp., the beauty tech solutions provider behind the world’s leading artificial intelligence applications YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect, today announced that it has been selected as winner of the “Beauty Service App of the Year” award from the Independent Innovation Awards Program, the industry’s most robust recognition platform for the innovators and leaders of the Beauty industry.

Perfect Corp. is the trailblazing developer of the industry-leading YouCam suite of apps, providing unique beauty tech solutions to brands, retailers, and content creators, and offering beauty lovers around the world a hyper-realistic, personalized virtual beauty shopping experience. The solutions have transformed the beauty game by marrying the highest level of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), machine learning, and facial recognition technologies with the ultimate shopping experience, completely reinventing the online-to-offline (“O2O”) consumer beauty journey.

The Perfect Corp. difference lies in the hyper realistic virtual effects that are based on decades of machine learning algorithms that ensure a virtual experience rivals that of a physical one. The YouCam 106-point 3D facial mapping, skin tone matching, and adaptive lighting deliver results in .04 seconds and a 98.5% precision rate matching the exact color and finish of more than 130,000 products. This level of accuracy has enabled brands and beauty lovers to rely on YouCam technology as a means of helping them make more confident purchase decisions, driving a >30% CTR in ecommerce, 40% conversion rate increase and 8% decrease in returns.

In addition to the free consumer app, YouCam follows a SaaS business model, offering customized beauty tech solutions to brands across all consumer touchpoints: online, mobile, and brick and mortar. Brands have the option to be integrated into the consumer app experience via product listings or branded looks, to help connect with YouCam’s robust global userbase (over 750 million downloads). They offer custom licensing solutions that enable brands to utilize YouCam’s unparalleled beauty technology and customize its functionality with their own look and feel to be seamlessly integrated into their current customer flow. This includes in-store displays for virtual try-on in physical locations, web CM integration for online shopping, and mobile app creation. Their newest offering, “YouCam for Web”, is a self-service subscription solution catering to the growing demand of small and medium businesses looking to leverage advanced AI and AR beauty tech solutions across their e-commerce experience.

Perfect Corp. also offers virtual Augmented Reality Training (A.R.T.) as a training tool for brands to connect employees and teams all over the globe via private virtual trainings, a feature that Estee Lauder has been relying on heavily for internal education.

“Perfect Corp. is honored to be recognized by the Independent Innovation Awards as the ‘Beauty Service App of the Year’ for our innovative AI and AR solutions that are re-imagining the consumer beauty experience,” shares Perfect Corp. founder and CEO, Alice Chang. “We strive to continue to innovate and introduce advanced AI technologies that reshape the way consumers, brands, retailers, and content creators discover and experiment with beauty through enriched, interactive, and personalized shopping experiences that resonate.”

The mission of the annual Beauty Innovation Awards Program is to honor innovation and recognize the excellence, hard work and success in a range of beauty industry categories, including Bath & Body, Hair, Lip, Make-Up and many more. The 2019 Beauty Innovation Awards attracted more than 2,000 nominations from around the world.

“Perfect Corp. embodies the spirit of our awards program with true ‘innovation’ as the leading augmented reality service provider for beauty brands and consumers worldwide,” says Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director, Independent Innovation Awards. “Perfect Corp.’s custom beauty apps enhance the users overall experience in virtually every facet thru their AI and AR technology platforms. This customizable experience is paving the way for how businesses and consumers interact and make decisions. Without a doubt we are seeing Perfect Corp pave the way for the future of the beauty industry.”

Since launch in August 2014, YouCam apps have amassed over 750 million downloads (with over 62 billion virtual try-ons a year) and caught the attention of over 200 leading beauty brands, retailers, makeup experts, and media outlets around the world including Estee Lauder, Target, YSL, Ulta Beauty, and Meredith Corp.

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With over 750 Million downloads globally, Perfect Corporation is dedicated to transforming how consumers, content creators and beauty brands interact together through AI and AR technologies. Our experienced team of engineers and beauty aficionados are pushing the frontiers of technology to create the beauty platform of the future – a fluid environment where individuals express themselves, learn the latest about fashion and beauty, and enjoy instant access to the products from their favorite brands. Further information about Perfect Corp. can be found at

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